Origin of anthrax – USA, CIS or Iraq?

Investigations into the anthrax spores which have caused three deaths and nine confirmed infections in the United States have led specialists to believe that there are three possible sources, the Commonwealth of Independent States, Iraq or the USA itself.

The Washington Post and New York Times both produce information about the investigations carried out by specialists in biological warfare. Because the strain of anthrax in circulation in the USA is extremely virulent, this proves that the bacteria is not in its more unstable primitive form, but that it has been genetically engineered to be suspended in the air.

The only countries believed to have the technology in laboratories to perform such an operation are the United States of America, the CIS countries (ex-Soviet Union minus the Baltic States) and Iraq. However, it is suspected by analysts that the most likely origin of this strain of anthrax is the USA.

The leader of Al Qaeda in Egypt, Ahmad Ibrahim Al-Najjar, serving a life imprisonment sentence for terrorist attacks against tourists in Egypt, declared in a Cairo court that Bin Laden acquired a batch of Anthrax bacteria from a laboratory in South East Asia in 1998 for 3,500 USD, through the Moro Front (Indonesian Islamic Separatist group). Given that Bin Laden has not set up laboratories in Afghanistan, that he is also public enemy number one in the Russian Federation, due to his support for the Chechen Islamic terrorists and that there are no apparent contacts between him and Iraq, which is one of the more moderate Islamic countries, it would appear that the batch of anthrax he reportedly obtained in the Pacific found its way into the United States.

Al-Najjar also said that Bin Laden had bought batches of E.coli and salmonella for 7,000 USD, also in 1998.

This evidence, if proven, would open the suspicion that an immigrant laboratory worker, possibly in Florida, would be the main suspect. Poisoned letters addressed to the US Congress and Senate have the same handwriting and state “Death to the USA Death to Israel God is Great” and there was the same spelling mistake on the envelope.


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