Russian Law Enforcements Able To Withstand Anti-globalists, Kosachev

Konstantin Kosachyov, second in charge of the Fatherland-All Russia parliamentary faction, said to RIA Novosti that Russian law enforcement agencies had enough expertise to withstand actions of anti-globalists and prevent unrest during the Moscow session of the world economic forum. The guest session of the Davos forum 2001 Meeting In Russia will be held on October 29-30. According to Kosachyov, appeals to call off the Moscow session of the World Economic Forum "are absolutely wrong". "To follow such appeals means to acknowledge the victory of anti-globalist forces the objective of who is to create obstacles and to disrupt dialogue between leaders of the developed countries of the world," believes the MP. Kosachyov was confident that "anti-globalists' actions aimed to meet certain economic interests, including of those groupings which benefited from destabilization of the situation in the world". Konstantin Kosachyov emphasized that "Russian society would benefit from due organization of the session as we would be able to demonstrate to the world that one should not be afraid of events similar to the anti-globalist movement but should be consistent and tough dealing with them." Organizers of the Moscow meeting are confident that there will be no anti-globalist rallies in Moscow.

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