Bin Laden: Attack America!

Coded Al Qaeda messages to militant Islamists in Saudi Arabia intercepted by US authorities and Saudi opposition reveal an order from Osama Bin Laden to attack the USA.

The Saudi opposition has confirmed that intercepted telephone conversations between Al Qaeda and Islamist extremists in Saudi Arabia reveal that a terrorist attack against the USA is planned until Ramadan starts on 15th November.

The intercepted telephone calls were made on satellite telephone systems and in the calls, the only target mentioned was the USA.

Meanwhile, Tom Ridge, the Director of Internal Security in the USA, declared that analysts consider that there is a “credible” risk of a terrorist attack in the near future on the USA. it is not clear whether his sources were the same as the Saudi opposition because he did not quote them but other reports state that Tom Ridge was informed by the Canadian Secret Services about an impending attack.

Admitting that he could not reveal the specific source of his information, Tom Ridge told journalists that “We can assume that this information is related with Osama Bin Laden and Al Qaeda”. He said the information was “credible but not specific”.


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