Russia Active In Carrying Through UN Climatic Stabilisation Convention

Russia plays an active role in implementing the United Nations convention on climatic stabilisation on our planet, said Alexander Bedritski, chief of Russia's federal service for hydrometeorology and environmental monitoring, at a RIA Novosti briefing. He said that on November 10 in Marrakesh (Morocco) Russian specialists jointly with specialists from 84 countries reached an international compromise agreement on a mechanism for implementing the Kyoto Protocol. It is aimed at climatic stabilisation and was signed by many countries way back in December 1997. The Kyoto Protocol intends limiting the emission of greenhouse gases /carbon dioxide and others/ into the air as a result of industrial activity. But, since 1997 a common approach to assessing and monitoring such emissions had not been found and incentives for reducing the level of such discharges had not been elaborated, said Alexander Bedritski. "Now such principles and incentives have, eventually, been found, formulated and undersigned, although some industrial nations, such as the United States, refuse to put their signatures under this document", calling it "inefficient", said Bedritski. Russia admits that the Marrakesh document has little effect on the Earth's climate, he noted. But the main thing here is that it will be the starting point for "a coordinated and combined" effort of many countries towards meeting this issue, believes the Russian scientist.

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