Tbilisi Connives At Chechen Militant Ruslan Gelaev, Russia Is Sure

"Confessions by the chief of the Georgian intelligence service are another confirmation of Shevardnadze's personal involvement in encouraging Gelaev and his militants, who have found refuge in Georgia", Russia believes. Earlier, the Georgian president made a scandalous statement that he does not view Gelaev, who commanded a militant detachment in Komsomolskoe in Chechnya, as a terrorist. Sources say that the statement of Ioseliani that Gelaev is not found in Georgia at the present moment changes nothing. "Regrettably, the Georgian authorities, including President Shevardnadze, continue to flirt with terrorists in the hope of using them for their own ends". RIA Novosti's interlocutors note that "international practice proves that the road opted for by the Georgian authorities leads to a deadlock". It is known that there are no "good" of "bad" terrorists, and sooner or later they get out of control of their patrons. In the opinion of Russian competent sources, Chechen terrorist Ruslan Gelaev is becoming a litmus paper indicating the approach of the Georgian authorities to the problem of international terrorism.

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