World Forum To Discuss What Public Can Do On Anti-Terror Crusade, Russia Calls U.N.

The United Nations ought to convene a global forum to discuss what civil society--in particular, the media--can do for the anti-terror cause, Igor Ivanov, Minister of Foreign Affairs, said to the 56th UN General Assembly session during all-round political debates. Major nongovernment organisations and other public institutions can honourably contribute to the crusade alongside national governments. Uneven social and economic development lies at the root of terrorism. It is bred by unequal opportunities, illiteracy, unemployment, and a crying gap between affluence and abject poverty in the world and within particular countries. That is why it is more important now than ever to guarantee steady progress all over the world, and enhance the social content of globalisation, pointed out the minister. The United Nations and its agencies can make a tremendous contribution to balanced and unbiased reforms of financial and other economic arrangements. Regional partnership must step up for concerted efforts to preserve peace and meet the latest security challenges. The Commonwealth of Independent States is a worthy example of such partnership, said Igor Ivanov.

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