Indian Air Force To Actively Use World's Highest-altitute Air Field

Indian air force intends to actively use the world's highest-altitude air field in the town of Leh, the northern state of Jammu and Kashmir. Four front-line fighters MiG-29 are located at this air base of India. These Russian aircraft require a rather short runway - up to 500 metres, and they can fly at the altitude of up to 17,000 metres. According to Indian experts, the use from the Leh air base of MiG-29 fighters, which have a 900-kilometre range and are capable of re-fueling in mid-air, will strengthen the country's security. Earlier, attempts were made to use the base in emergencies. However, the high altitude and a short runway hindered the active use of MiG-21s and Yaguars, the commander of the Western sector of the country's air forces, Aviation Marshall Vinod Bhatya, says. However, he adds, a squadron of these fighters will remain in Leh together with the "MiG-29, which is ideal for high altitutudes."

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