US anti-terror campaign denounced as interventionism

Manuel Marulanda, the Commander-in-Chief of the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Columbia, has issued an internal document to his organisation in which he claims that the September 11th attacks were being used as an excuse by the United States of America “to unite capitalism around interventionist policies and to defend the interests of the great capitalists, precisely at a moment of economic crisis which had a tendency to become more acute”.

The legendary leader of FARC-EP, who is fighting for social justice in Columbia, yet another South American country whose people are held down under the yolk of fascist, repressive regimes, accuses the USA of dragging other countries into a war which is “insensible”, one which is an aggression against a defenceless country such as Afghanistan.

He pointed out that contradictions were already beginning to appear in this campaign against the Taleban, since many European countries did not agree with the way the war was being waged. “Imperialism is attacking an invisible enemy”, declares Marulanda, na attack which will fail because people become tired of crimes against civilian populations.

The leader of FARC has on previous occasions denounced any terrorist activity which victimises civilians. The USA classifies FARC as a terrorist organisation so as to give it the right to perpetuate the armed conflict in Columbia through its instrument, the government of Andres Pestrana.

FARC has shown a tremendous amount of patience in not reaction to the systematic violations of the peace agreement signed by the government and continues to look for a pacific and political solution to the country’s problems.

FARC also denounces the allegations that the movement is involved in drugs trafficking as nonsense. There are coca plantations in the areas controlled by FARC and outside, even over the frontier in Brazil, but what FARC does is to impose a tax on these growers just as it imposes a tax on all economic activities in the areas under its control, whether these are coca growers, shoemakers, light industries or street artists.

The real money from the transformation of coca into cocaine is made by those who operate in the USA.


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