US Expert On Russia's Role In International Antiterrorist Coalition

Expert on arms control problems Dr. Ken Edelman, who in 1981-1983 held the post of deputy US Ambassador to the UN, in the interview given to the Fox TV company on Sunday spoke highly of Russia's assistance to the international alliance for struggle against terrorism, in particular, in carrying out the military operation in Afghanistan. According to Edelman, Russia's help to the international alliance made it possible to create in the world community represented by the United Nations a favourable climate for joint actions against the terrorists in Afghanistan. Russia was the first to render substantial military-technical assistance to the Northern Alliance, and also considerably helped ensure support for the US strategy by the former Central-Asian republics of the USSR. Asked if the transfer by Russia of military technology to Iran is really a serious problem within the bounds of US-Russian relations, Edelman noted that all the attempts of the US administrations, among them the Clinton administration, to influence Russia's position in this question did not produce any results. In Edelman's opinion, this is linked with the special importance for Russia of Iran as a strategic partner, on the one hand, and a source of foreign exchange incomings, on the other. Edelman also holds the view that the above-said problem itself can soon cease to be pressing because after the September 11 developments a mass movement of liking for America, of support of the USA in the struggle against international terrorism has emerged in Iran. This movement can lead to a radical change of the political situation in that country.

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