Brazil Does Not Accept Terrorism, But Protests Against Combating It From Position Of Civilizations Collision

Brazil does not accept terrorism, but at the same time Brazil is against combating terrorism from a position of collision of civilizations, said Brazilian President Fernando Henrique Cardoso at a Tuesday meeting in the Brazilian embassy in Moscow with leaders of a number of Russian mass media and political science foundations. That was the way he commented upon the September 11 acts of terrorism and the US military operation in Afghanistan that followed. Such problems are to be solved by means of international law, with preference given to the UN Security Council, stressed Cardoso. The Brazilian President reported that before the September 11 acts he had had a conversation with US President George W. Bush that focused on "the hegemonic policy pursued by the US that wants to dominate the world politically and economically." According to Cardoso, he told President Bush that that situation could not last long and asked the American leader whether the US was going to keep pursuing such a policy in future. President Bush answered evasively then, said Fernando Henrique Cardoso. However, according to him, after September 11 Bush himself called the Brazilian President and, Cardoso thinks, he understood the meaning of Cardoso's anxiety over the US domination.

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