Brazil: political violence continues

Two prefects (Mayors) from the Partido Trabalhista (Workers’ Party, Labour) have been murdered in recent months. The first was Antonio Santos, the prefect of Campinas, last September and the second was the murder last weekend of Celso Daniel, prefect of Santo Andre. This murder was particularly barbaric, the victim having been severely beaten up before he was shot seven times, two in the face, a shocking end to a career as a local politician and University professor.

The fact that a further 15 leading members of the same party have received death threats in recent weeks casts serious doubts as to the seriousness of Brazil’s democratic status. The leader of the opinion polls is Luis Ignacio Lula da Silva (Lula), President of Honour of the Workers’ Party, the main opposition candidate and curiously, all of the threatened politicians are members of his party.

Since Brazil has had a history of military dictatorship, the leftist political parties have traditionally been against strict control mechanisms, and this may be working against them now. The Brazilian politicians of the Partido Trabalhista have stepped up their own security. Martha Suplicy, prefect of Sao Paulo, walks around with six armed bodyguards. Antonio Palloci, prefext of Riberao Preto, uses a bulletproof jacket.

Many other prefects belonging to the same party have received death threats. Where are they coming from? The official explanation is FARB…Forcas Armadas Revolucionarias do Brasil (Revolutionary Armed Forces of Brazil). Who? FARC (Columbian Armed Revolutionary Forces)? No, FARB, a supposedly leftist organisation which is punishing the Partido Trabalhista for being too bourgeoisie.

The only problem is that nobody has ever heard of this organisation. The coincidence of using the name FARB, when the negotiations between the Columbian government and FARC are well under way, is clear. A leftist organisation would not be assassinating members of another leftist party.

What is happening is yet another example of the Fascism which is inherent and endemic in South American politics. The ruling clique closes ranks. The ruling class, a rich and futile minority, does what it can to retain power. Backed by the ever-present US of A, with all the resources they need at their beck and call, this elitist clique has a free hand to do whatever is necessary to retain power in the majority of the countries in this Continent.

Enough is enough. If the so-called civilised world is intent on combating international terrorism, then let the hypocrisy stop here. The United States of America is hereby formally accused of committing international terrorist acts, covertly, in what it has always regarded as its own back yard, South America.


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