Zimbabwe to be suspended from Commonwealth

On 8th January, Mugabe was warned by British Foreign Secretary, Jack Straw, that London would request the Commonwealth to suspend Zimbabwe’s membership if the situation in Harare deteriorated, which is what has happened. On Monday, a Foreign Office spokesperson declared that the British government “intends to recommend the suspension of Zimbabwe from the British Commonwealth due to the worsening situation in this country in the run up to the elections on 9th and 10th March”.

This measure comes after Robert Mugabe has systematically tried to silence his political opponents, intimidating members of the opposition parties by beatings, death threats and even murders. Freedom of the press has been suppressed and a wave of racist attacks on whites has been promoted by this political anachronism.

Mugabe has been forced to allow international observers to inspect the election process due to fears that the event will be heavily rigged in his favour. However, it is understood that there will be no Britons present in the teams.

Mugabe’s discourse reads like a manual from the 1960s, in which he accuses London of favouring the opposition so as to re-establish colonial rule. Under Mugabe’s disastrous rule, the economy of this once prosperous nation has been ruined.


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