Russia Ready To Develop Stable Relations With USA

Russia is interested in stable constructive and predictable relations with the USA in all spheres, said Russian Foreign Minister Igor Ivanov. At first, Russia faced some problems in its relations with the new US administration, Ivanov said. According to him, "there were obvious attempts to put us at logger-heads with the United States". "But we had a clear approach to the cooperation with Washington and we adhered to this policy," he stressed. "It must be confessed that President Bush appreciated it," Ivanov added. The results of the four Russian-US summit meetings confirm it. "From our point of view the US decision to abrogate the 1972 ABM Treaty was a mistake but it did not lead to the crisis of our bilateral relations," said the Russian Foreign Minister. "We shall support the cooperation with Washington in the sphere of disarmament and shall be trying to achieve the legalization of future possible agreements," the minister concluded.

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