The West want to wait and see how Russia and China re going to destroy each other

The West wants to burn all bridges between Russia and China

Josep Borrell, EU High Representative for Foreign and Security Policy, suggested analyzing what drives Russia and China in their policies. Borrell came to conclusion that they use similar language when talking about the West in general or the United States in particular.

Borrell on the rapprochement between Russia and China

Borrell reminded of Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov's recent visit to China. In Beijing, the Russian minister and his Chinese counterpart Wang Yi announced their intention to strengthen technical independence of Western countries. In addition, Borrell noted, they urged the West not to interfere in the affairs of Moscow and Beijing.

The head of European diplomacy believes that "economically, the two countries want to increase their independence of the West, although they do not play in the same league, and China clearly has an advantage."

Actually, Josep Borrell did not say anything new here. China is world's second largest economy that has every chance and ambition to become the first one. As for increasing economic independence of the West, are there any other options given that the West imposes sanctions every day?

Another key aspect of relations between Russia and China is energy.

"Moscow seeks to diversify its energy exports outside the EU, given our commitment to switch to energy and the general tensions in our relations," Borrell said. 

In his opinion, it will not be easy, since infrastructure requires huge investment. Beijing, as the EU representative recalled, also develops agreements with energy powers of Central Asia.

Undoubtedly, this is indeed a difficult task to pursue, and they do require considerable investments. However, Russia needs to correct the situation when energy exports go only to Europe. That is, they are not going only to Europe, of course, but one needs to do more, simply for the reason that Mr. Borrell mentioned - namely, the "general tension" in the relationships.

To crown it all, "the Chinese-Russian rapprochement is based primarily on the denial of democratic values ​​and counteraction to what they consider interference in their internal affairs," said the head of European diplomacy.

'One must wait'

We would not say that the rapprochement between Russia and China has become one of the central topics to talk about in the West. But still, one can often hear voices saying that this rapprochement comes contrary to the interests of both the United States and Europe. 

For example, Le Figaro, a French publication, wrote that the United States would be interested in terminating relations between Russia and China, but it would be very difficult to achieve this goal. One should wait and see then. 

As former Pentagon chief Elbridge Colby said, the Russians will fear China's growing power sooner or later. The USA should be creative and patient, and one day Russia's views will change, he said. 

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