USA can Complicate Work of Antiterrorist Coalition

Unwillingness of the USA and Great Britain to listen to the opinion of the majority of the UN permanent member-states on the Iraqi issue can to a certain extent complicate the work of the antiterrorist coalition, First Vice Speaker of the Federation Council (the Russian parliament's upper chamber), Valery Goreglyad, said at a press conference on Tuesday.

As a matter of fact, recent statements of the US and British representatives "imply their unilateral withdrawal from the mechanism of making common decisions," he said.

In this context the First Vice Speaker of the Federation Council stressed the need to coordinate the work of a number of international institutions.

When touching upon prospects of the antiterrorist coalition, Goreglyad said he was convinced that it was unlikely to break up. "It would be the most unwanted consequence of the current Iraqi situation and I hope the coalition will only break up when the problem of terrorism in the whole world is resolved," he stated.

Goreglyad does not agree that the recent events showing inefficiency of the UN structure mean that the UN must be completely removed.

"The United Nations Organisation still remains a single mechanism coordinating interests of its member-states in development of a coordinated foreign policy," the senator pointed out. The UN remains a mechanism securing stability on the international scene, allowing us to resolve conflicts, he said. "But for the UN there would have been much more wars in the postwar period," Valery Goreglyad is convinced.

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