North Korea Accuses US of Violating a Number of Bilateral Agreements

North Korea has accused the US of grossly violating a number of North Korean-US agreements, North Korean ambassador to Moscow Pak Ui Chun said at a news conference in the embassy. According to him, the US has violated the North Korean-US agreement of June 11, 1993, in which the US "guaranteed to refrain from the use of weapons, including nuclear weapons, and committed itself to not threatening with such weapons." The ambassador continued that the US had also violated the bilateral framework agreement of October 21st, 1994, which made it binding on the US "to take the course of complete normalisation of political and economic relations" with North Korea and the US-North Korean communique of October 12th, 2000, in which the US "declared it would bear no ill will" to North Korea and "repeatedly confirmed that relations between North Korea and the US should be based on the principles of mutual respect, sovereignty and non-interference in each other's internal affairs." The ambassador called the Bush administration "a group of hooligans who, for the sake of their interests, feel quite free to breach the mutual agreement reached by the previous administration and international treaties, such as the ABM Treaty and the Kyoto protocol." That's why, the ambassador made it clear, "we suggest concluding a non-aggression agreement that could become imperative through a juridical parliamentary procedure." The ambassador added that the US' refusal to conclude such an agreement with North Korea testified to "its true purposes." According to the diplomat, it was the Bush administration which declared it a political task "to overthrow the social system of our country."

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