Iraq in for More Cooperation With UN Weapons Inspectors

Iraq is going to step up co-operation with UN weapons inspectors.

A related agreement was reached at 2-day talks between UN weapons inspectors chief Hans Blix, the head of the IAEA, Mohamed El-Baradei, and Iraqi officials.

As addressing a news conference following talks in Baghdad Monday, Mr Blix said the agreement contains 10 points.

Baghdad agreed to respond to questions regarding the weapons declaration it had submitted to the UN on December 7, which the UN described as incomplete. Besides, Iraq promised to enact laws against activities banned by the UN Security Council.

The Iraqi authorities agreed to allow UN inspectors to hold private interviews with Iraqi individuals and their access to residential houses.

Documents related to Iraq's previous nuclear program were found in an Iraqi scientist's home a few days ago, something Mr Blix qualified as further evidence justifying UN inspectors' visits to scientists' homes.

Besides, Baghdad promised to update a list of scientists engaging in classified activities as demanded by UNMOVIC and the IAEA.

Iraq handed over to the IAEA a package of documents the Agency had demanded and provided relative explanations.

The country set up a team to search for munitions, which may not have been declared, after twelve 122-mm artillery shells were found at an armory. The team discovered 4 more shells and immediately notified UNMOVIC.

Iraq will go on providing technological assistance to the UN.

Apart from that, Iraq agreed to hold further talks on issues related to the use of aluminium pipes by Iraq, its alleged uranium imports, the use of powerful explosives and many other important issues.

Mr Blix was "fairly confident" Iraq would honor the agreements.

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