USA promises to provide UN inspectors with US intelligence data on Iraq

The US Administration promises to provide the UN Commission on monitoring, verification and control (UNMOVIC) with intelligence data on Iraq. According to British mass media, the US authorities decided to make this step after UNMOVIC head Hans Blix had stated that the US and the UK special services do not provide the international inspectors in Iraq with sufficient help.

According to expert opinion, after showing such intention the United States and the UK might find themselves in a rather awkward situation. They previously accused Iraq of telling lies while preparing the declaration about the WMD development programs, but so far failed to support their accusations with real evidence.

As Mr. Blix stated on Friday, the US and the UK governments haven't been providing the UN inspectors working in Iraq with intelligence information about the facilities they suspect might stockpile weapons of mass destruction. In the meantime, these data is crucial for the inspectors, he said.

The head of UNMOVIC also stated that "the Western special services have all necessary means at their disposal - eavesdropping devices, agents, spy satellites - basically, all information sources the inspectors obviously don't have.

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