Kremlin puts Polish President Andrzej Duda to shame for his anti-Russian remarks

Kremlin shames Polish President Duda for his Russia remarks

Polish President Andrzej Duda commented on Russia's "aggressive actions" during his speech in Georgia.

According to Duda, Russia is an abnormal country and an aggressor. The Polish president promised to discuss relations with Moscow both at sessions of the UN General Assembly and within the OSCE.

Earlier, in a speech on the Constitution Day, Andrzej Duda called Russia “the enemy of freedom.” He recalled the events from the 18th century, when the Russian Empire did not accept the Polish constitution. Duda spoke about the events of 1791, when the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth was the first in Europe to adopt a constitution.

Russia reminds Duda who saved Poland from fascism

The Kremlin found the anti-Russian rhetoric from Polish President Andrzej Duda unacceptable, Dmitry Peskov, the official spokesman for the Kremlin administration told reporters, RBC reports.

“We treat such rhetoric very badly. We do not like it, and we do not accept it," said Peskov.

He noted that Russia is a friendly country, and, as a "strong, self-confident and independent" state, Russia seeks friendly relations with neighboring countries, including Poland.

The Kremlin spokesman also expressed his regret that hatred for Russia may blur the vision of some Polish politicians, including the head of the republic, and "does not give them an opportunity to show political wisdom."

During his visit to Georgia, the President of Poland said that Russia "is not a normal country, it is not a country that behaves normally." Duda considers Russia an "aggressor state" the policy of which leads to "the destruction of states" and military conflicts.

Deputy Speaker of the Russian Parliament Irina Yarovaya, in response to the statements from the Polish leader about Russia, said that Duda had a distorted view of the norm "from the point of view of universal human morality and historical truth." Such statements are immoral, Yarovaya said, and recalled that "it was the Soviet soldier who saved the Polish people from fascism." 

Russia describes what kind of 'normal' country Poland is

Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova also responded to accusations of Russia's "abnormality" from the Polish President Duda. She posted her comment on her Facebook page.

As an example of "Polish normality", Zakharova referred to Poland's participation in the war in Iraq. After Iraq was divided into four zones, one of them was given under Warsaw's command. During the conflict, about 2,400 Polish soldiers had been deployed in the country, she noted.

“In Iraq, Polish soldiers had been killing not only Iraqis, but also comrades in arms for several years,” concluded Zakharova. 

According to her, on June 8, 2004, near the town of Es Suvaira, a car bomb killed three servicemen of an engineering unit from Slovakia, two servicemen from Poland and one serviceman from Latvia.

The diplomat said that the number of casualties in the Iraqi war has never been counted and amounts to hundreds of thousands of people. 

"How many of them were killed by Polish soldiers from a 'normal' country?" Zakharova said sarcastically.

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