Moscow hopes newly elected U.S. congress will abrogate Jackson-Vanik amendment

Official spokesman for the Russian Foreign Ministry Alexander Yakovenko told journalists on Thursday that Moscow hoped that the newly elected U.S. Congress would abrogate the Jackson-Vanik amendment in the near future. Mr. Yakovenko also described the amendment as "harmful survival." The Russian Foreign Ministry official spokesman recalled that during the recent top-level meeting in St.Petersburg between Vladimir Putin and George W. Bush the U.S. President had confirmed the fact that he himself and his administration were doing their best to abolish the Jackson-Vanik amendment against Russia. It not only contradicts new Russian-U.S. relations but also directly impedes intensified business cooperation between the countries, the Russian Foreign Ministry official spokesman stressed.

"As far as the abrogation procedure of the Jackson-Vanik amendment is concerned the decision to start the procedure must be taken by the U.S. Congress in accordance with legislation," Alexander Yakovenko said.

He also recalled that on May 22nd, the U.S. legislators adopted a special resolution saying that "the issue has to be settled in time and in a proper manner."

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