Ukraine conceals from USA information about selling "Kolchuga" radars

The Ukrainian government has submitted documents concerning only 72 out of 76 "Kolchuga" radars manufactured in Ukraine to the USA and Britain, says the report of the US and British experts received in the US State Department. The document stresses that Ukraine did not conduct thorough investigation concerning the possible deliveries of "Kolchuga" radars to Iraq. The Ukrainian government says that four "Kolchuga" systems were sold to China, but the group of experts did not receive access to the documents which could confirm this, the report says.

The document also points out that the US and British experts, who worked in Ukraine, revealed inconsistency in the number of the "Kolchuga" systems manufactured in 1993 and considered as strange the statement of the Ukrainian side to the effect that in the course of five years (1996-2001) these radars were not manufactured in the country at all.

On the basis of information received experts have come to a conclusion that because of insufficient degree of cooperation and transparency on the part of the Ukrainian authorities, the question whether Ukraine supplied or supplies "Kolchuga" systems to Iraq via a third country should remain open.

The document points out that despite the US and British inquiries the Ukrainian government continues to keep secret several out of the most important documents on the "Kolchuga" complexes, and refuses to satisfy the request of the US and British experts to hand over documents concerning the sale of four "Kolchuga" radars to China.

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