Russian Foreign Minister: Anti-terrorist coalition ought to become backbone of new security system

The creation of a wide anti-terrorist coalition is the main result of the first year of the world community's joint struggle against terrorism, Russian foreign minister Igor Ivanov was quoted as saying on Friday at the 57th session of the UN General Assembly.

According to him, the anti-terrorist coalition has proved its effectiveness in Afghanistan.

The world community ought not only to keep the recently obtained experience of cooperation, but also to turn the anti-terrorist union into "the backbone of an effective security and cooperation system of the new millennium," Igor Ivanov believes. In his opinion, "obviously enough, the UN shall become the central element of the aforesaid backbone." Igor Ivanov said that "long and hard work is awaiting us" and "in future, the world community will have to raise certain barriers on the way of various fanatics and extremists." This effort will be a success only provided that "we come to a mutual agreement on specific issues concerning the world order and in this regard the UN seems to be irreplaceable," he stressed.

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