Sinduratna sub to be delivered to Indian Naval forces after upgrade at Zvyozdochka military wharf

A solemn signing of Reception-Delivery Act of Indian Naval forces Diesel-Electric Submarine "Sinduratna" will take place on Thursday at the State Unitary Corporation "Zvyozdochka" in Severodvinsk (Russia's North).

Naval attache of the Indian Embassy in Moscow Kumar will participate in the solemn ceremony, the press-service of the Arkhangelsk region disclosed this to a RIA Novosti correspondent.

Diesel-Electric submarine "Sinduratna" /class Kilo/ was docked at "Zvyozdochka" in June of 2000, and in the past two years has been undergoing upgrading and repairs. The sub was developed at the Rubin naval design bureau, St. Petersburg, and was constructed for the Indian Naval Forces at the public company "Zavod Krasnoye Sormovo" in Nizhny Novgorod in 1988.

When surfaced, the submarine displaces 2,300 tonnes, its length is 72.6 metres, width - 9.9 metres, draught - 6.2 metres, its maximum speed is 10 knots on the surface and 18 knots in the submerged position. Its underwater mileage is 6,000 nautical miles and 400 nautical miles in the saving electronic mode. Fully autonomous for 45 days, it can dive to 300 metres, carries a crew of 52 and is equipped with 6 533mm torpedo tubes.

The upgrading included the installation of a modern Club-S surface to surface rocket system, which can also be used against submarines within the range of 200 km, new hydro-acoustic equipment, a combat control system, and navigational equipment.

The Sinduratna has undergone the necessary testing.

The Sinduratna is the second Submarine of India's navy to have been repaired at the Zvyozdochka wharf. The first one, the Sinduvir, was repaired and returned home in 1999. The sub made 11,000 nautical miles from Severodvinsk to its home port.

On August 30th, the third submarine of the Indian Navy, the Sindugosh, was delivered to the "Zvyozdochka" wharf.

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