Kosovo must remain in Serbia also after the disintegration of Federal Yugoslavia

The presidium of the Democratic opposition of Serbia, the ruling coalition in the republic, has coordinated the text of the draft constitutional charter of the future state entity of Serbia and Montenegro which must replace the federation of the two Yugoslav republics. The session of the presidium on discussing this document took place on the night of Wednesday because the draft charter, presented by the governments of the two republics, was criticised by some Serbian leaders.

After a many-hour discussion, the draft document was supplemented with a preamble which contains a provision that two autonomous provinces - Vojvodina and Kosovo - are parts of Serbia and that a special charter on human rights and national minorities should be adopted.

The Presidium of the Democratic Opposition of Serbia has confirmed its position concerning the election of members of the parliament of the future union of Serbia and Montenegro - they must be elected by direct ballot in accordance with the laws of the republics. Apart from that, the agreed-upon draft charter says that the future union will continue to carry out commitments of Federal Yugoslavia, will use its rights and preserve its membership in international organisations. The laws of the FRY will remain in force till the adoption of new ones.

One of the critics of the governmental draft charter is Serbian Vice Prime Minister Covic Nebojsa. He said after the session that the document must undergo juridical and technical editing." According to the Serbian politician, the main aim of this work is to preserve the succession of the state.

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