China kicks off two-day war games around Taiwan

Fifteen warships of Chinese Navy approach Taiwan

China's army has begun two-day exercises around Taiwan with the participation of ground, missile forces, navy and air force.

The exercises are being conducted to "practice joint patrolling of the Navy and Air Force, jointly seize the right to comprehensive control on the battlefield and deliver precision strikes on key targets,” the Chinese Ministry of Defense said, Xinhua reports.

According to a spokesman for the Eastern Combat Command Zone, the purpose of the exercises is to test "real combat capabilities of the armed forces." The exercises will also serve as "severe punishment for separatist actions of the forces that seek 'Taiwan independence.' They also come as a "stern warning against outside interference and provocation."

Fifteen Chinese naval ships, 16 coast guard ships and 33 aircraft approached Taiwan, but no live fire was conducted near the island, the Taiwan Ministry of Defense said, Reuters reports.

The inauguration of Taiwan's new President Lai Ching-te took place On May 20. In his speech, he called on the Chinese authorities to abandon threats and said that neither side of the Strait was subordinate to the other.

China Central Television called Ching-te's speech "extremely harmful" and said that Beijing's response would be "legitimate and necessary."

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China holds drills near Taiwan
Author`s name Pavel Morozov
Editor Dmitry Sudakov