Russian Ambassador to US responds to Biden calling Putin 'butcher'

Biden calls Putin and Xi names because he fears strong leaders

Russian Ambassador to Washington Anatoly Antonov responded to US President Joe Biden who insulted Russian leader Vladimir Putin.

"Unfortunately, the American president allows himself such harsh remarks, well, simply obscene remarks addressed to the Russian leadership," Anatoly Antonov said.

Putin never allowed himself to make derogatory remarks about his foreign colleagues even if they insulted him, the ambassador added.

Biden tries to belittle Putin in every way

Political scientist Yuri Svetov said in a comment to Vechernaya Moscow that Biden makes such statements because he considers himself the master of a superpower.

The American president knows that he will not be held accountable for such actions, although politicians from other countries may face certain consequences if they dare to act so.

At the same time, the US leadership fears a stronger leader, so they try to neutralise his significance on the world stage by insulting him in public.

"They are afraid of Putin and demonise him in every possible way, because they realise his power and the way the leaders of many other countries of the world see him, so they want to belittle his authority in every possible way," Yuri Svetov said.

On March 27, Joe Biden insulted Vladimir Putin yet again. Speaking to voters in North Carolina, he called the Russian leader a "butcher.”

Biden had used the same word a year ago, in late March 2022. Later, US State Department Energy Security Advisor Amos Hawksteen said that Biden was just being emotional in his speech.

In February, Biden used the phrase crazy S.O.B. to address his Russian counterpart. Biden also spoke rudely about Chinese President Xi Jinping. In June 2023, he called the Chinese leader a dictator.

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Biden insults Putin
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