Russia will use ballistic and cruise missiles for protection

Medvedev describes scenario of NATO-Russia war: 'The end of everything'

Dmitry Medvedev, Deputy Chairman of the Russian Security Council, believes that the world will face an apocalypse in case of large-scale war between Russia and NATO. The rhetoric from Western politicians about an impending military conflict with Russia is very dangerous, he believes. At the same time, Russia repeatedly said that it had no plans for war with NATO, he also noted.

NATO leaders, speaking about the war with Russia, are trying to distract voters from multi-billion dollar spending on Ukraine, Medvedev believes.

"After all, those governments are not spending huge amounts of money to solve social problems in their countries. Instead, they are using it all on a dying country that is foreign to their taxpayers," Medvedev said adding that Ukrainian refugees were terrorising local residents all across Europe.

Medvedev believes that if such a war break out, it will not follow the scenario of the special military operation in Ukraine. It will not be fought in trenches; no artillery, armoured vehicles and drones will be used either.

Military potentials of Russia and NATO are incomparable, since the total military budget of Western countries may reach one and a half trillion dollars. Therefore, Russia's response will be asymmetrical: Russia will use ballistic and cruise missiles with special warheads, Medvedev said.

"This will be the very notorious apocalypse. The end of everything," Medvedev said.

The politician believes that Western leaders should tell their voters the truth rather than lie to them about readiness for war with Russia.

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Author`s name Andrey Mihayloff
Editor Dmitry Sudakov