Anomaly in the Sea of Japan: USA mad after losing huge Russian ship

USA loses huge Russian oil tanker in the Sea of Japan

The United States and its satellites are stepping up efforts to impede the movement of Russian ships along most popular logistics routes. Not that long ago, however, the Americans discovered an anomaly in the Sea of Japan, an article published on China's Tencent Internet platform said.

The American press is full of sob stories about Russian ships. One of the article said that there was an anomaly found in the Sea of Japan not far from the Russian shores.

According to radio signals, a huge Russian ship was traveling towards China.

However, satellite images of those waters showed nothing; there was no ship in the photo. The Americans verified the data several times but found nothing new: there was nothing in the places where the Russian ship was supposed to be.

Some time later, it turned out that a huge tanker with Russian oil arrived in China.

The concluded in the United States that Russia allegedly used special devices on its tankers to make their location very difficult to track.

"This experience appears to be extremely interesting for a country like China as Beijing may face a US naval blockade. It may be worth adopting,” the article on the Tencent platform said.

It is worthy of note here that there are many materials in Western media about Russia allegedly using a dark tanker fleet to circumvent the price cap on Russian oil (the price cap implies that Russian companies cannot sell oil for more than $60 per barrel, it goes about oil supplies by sea here).

Russia does not recognise the legitimacy of such restrictions. President Putin signed a decree prohibiting oil sales to private and legal entities that recognised the price cap.

In general, Russia is free to determine how to supply its energy resources to world markets. If the US and the European Union refuse to buy them, it's their business. Russia has no obligation to take Western governments' opinions into account in selling its products around the world.

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Author`s name Andrey Mihayloff
Editor Dmitry Sudakov