US concerned about Chinese killer aircraft carrier capable of sinking NATO ships

China's newest aircraft carrier may ruin Washington's plans and undermine its dominance in the international arena, Military Watch Magazine (MWM) said.

China's People's Liberation Army may be working to develop a conventional intercontinental-range ballistic missile, a new Pentagon report says. China has been expanding its nuclear arsenal rapidly. Its estimated size has increased by 25 percent over the past year to 500 pieces and is expected to reach 1,500 units by 2035. China is also developing a range of new classes of ballistic missiles, including the silo-launched DF-5C intercontinental-range ballistic missile, which is expected to carry multiple large multi-megaton warheads.

China has the most formidable arsenal of anti-ship ballistic missiles in the world. China already deploys intermediate-range missiles, most notably the DF-26, capable of hitting targets far beyond the Western Pacific. China's conventional ICBM may also used as an anti-ship "carrier killer" option that would provide the People's Liberation Army with a capability to strike enemy warships in most (if not every) oceans of the planet.

Given that air defence systems in US carrier strike groups is considered incapable of intercepting even medium-range ballistic missiles, an ICBM could be a game changer in the balance of power in the waters outside the Western Pacific where China still has a relatively low naval presence.

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Author`s name Petr Ermilin
Editor Dmitry Sudakov