The US may give up on key weapons because of Ukraine

USA may abandon its key tanks that prove to be unsuitable for combat actions in Ukraine

The US military may abandon the use of M1 Abrams tanks due to the "vehicle survivability problem” that arose as a result of the fighting in Ukraine, Asia Times reports with reference to US military officials.

"A US Army study has recommended phasing out the M1 Abrams tank for lighter, smaller, unmanned vehicles, citing survivability concerns in future battlefields that have been made apparent in the Ukraine war," the publication says.

The Warzone reported this month that a US Army Science Board study recommended switching from M1 Abrams tanks to new, smaller tanks and unmanned vehicles to achieve superiority on battlefields of the 2040s. The study reportedly highlights the need for a next-generation M1 version equipped with larger caliber guns as well as hypersonic anti-tank missiles.

"The Warzone report mentions that the US Army Science Board predicts that future tanks and armored vehicles will face new threats from advanced anti-tank weapons, drones and AI-aided capabilities. It predicts that the battlefields of the 2040s will see increased use of robotics, intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance (ISR) logistics functions and cyber-attacks on command-and-control facilities," the newspaper said.

The M1 Abrams will be less dominant on battlefields of the future, the study says.

"The M1 Abrams requires an extensive logistics train, requiring vast supplies of JP-8 jet fuel and a steady supply of spare parts. While the US can directly supply its tank forces via sealift or airlift, or pre-position fuel and spares in countries such as Japan, the Philippines and Australia, the PLA can use its extensive anti-access/area denial (A2/AD) capabilities to prevent US resupply operations or a combination of economic and political pressure to deny the US access to bases and logistics facilities," Asia Times says.

The US Army Science Board recommends looking into an opportunity to use a lighter tank based on the M1 with enhanced 130 mm guns, smaller crew, hybrid-electric propulsion system and active protection systems (APS).

Kyiv receives 31 Abrams tanks

Former US Marine Matthew Hoh said that Washington transferred old-style tanks to Ukraine because the US did not want the Russian forces to seize any of the new, upgrade tanks.

Kirill Budanov, the head of the Main Intelligence Directorate of the Ukrainian Defence Ministry admitted that Abrams tanks would not last long on the front line.

"Abrams tanks should be used in a very special way in very specific, well-designed operations. If they are used on the front line and just in combined arms combat, they will not survive long on the battlefield. They need to be used in very well prepared breakthrough operations,” Budanov said, Sputnik reports.

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Author`s name Andrey Mihayloff
Editor Dmitry Sudakov