USA will start an open hot war with Russia in 2024 to maintain power

Tucker Carlson: USA will go to war with Russia in 2024


US TV presenter Tucker Carlson said in an interview with radio host Adam Corolla that the United States would start a war against Russia in 2024.

War with Russia in 2024

The US administration may start the war with Russia to maintain power in the country, Tucker Carlson believes.

"They are going to war with Russia. That's what they are gonna do. There will be a hot war between the US and Russia next year. They want it anyway. I don't think we will win it, but that's a separate analysis," the journalist said.

According to Tucker Carlson, the US sees hostilities as a political measure.

"They need to declare war footing in order to assume war powers in order to win," he said.

Carlson also pointed to the criminalisation of US domestic politics. In his opinion, the US establishment believes that maintaining power is the only way for it to last.

The persecution of political opponents, such as former US President Donald Trump, puts the Joe Biden administration on a path that they will not be able to leave for fear of being persecuted if they lose, the journalist said.

"If you're worried about our politics getting even more vicious than it already is…you should be worried about the prospect of an open war with Russia. It can easily happen. All of a sudden missiles land in Poland, the Russians did it, our allies being attacked and we are going to war," Tucker Carlson said.

According to the journalist, if Americans do care about such a prospect, they should put pressure on US Senate in order to achieve peace now.

Washington could end the conflict in Ukraine today, since the Ukrainian army does not exist without NATO, Carlson said. In his opinion, the USA is the only party that is capable of achieving peace in order to prevent a global war that threatens all mankind.

In the interview, Carlson also warned of a possible assassination attempt on former US President Donald Trump. He believes that American elites may arrange it as there is no other method to deal with Trump.

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Author`s name Andrey Mihayloff
Editor Dmitry Sudakov