Biden unexpectedly makes big gift to Putin


US President Joe Biden decided to stop mining uranium at a deposit in Arizona. The Wall Street Journal said that Biden's decision would come as a gift to Russian President Vladimir Putin as the States would become even more dependent on supplies from Russia.

Under the Antiquities Act of 1906, the President of the United States is entitled to assign federal lands to national parks and reserves. Barack Obama took advantage of this right during his presidency having prohibited the development of oil fields on millions of hectares of land. However, Obama did not dare to shut uranium deposits down.

The United States imports 95 percent of fuel needed for its nuclear power plants. Kazakhstan and Canada come first at this point, while Russia accounts for 12 percent of US imports in this area.

Therefore, Biden's decision will make it even more difficult for the United States to find a replacement for Russian uranium. It just so happens that the US President made a gift to his Russian counterpart, The WSJ concluded.

However, it appears that Biden's decision to stop mining uranium in Arizona is based on internal affairs that have nothing to do with any sort of gifts. For example, Indian tribes oppose uranium mining claiming that uranium mining works poison drinking water in springs and wells.

The way The Wall Street Journal presented the news is just a moth-eaten manipulation. In the United States, there is serious friction happening regarding the extraction of minerals, whether it is oil, gas, uranium, and so on.

The WSJ reflects the point of view of those who believe that the US should develop its own production to reduce dependence on other countries.

"A gift to Putin" is a good argument to serve that purpose as it may indeed sound convincing for the general public шт the US.

In fact, Washington has been considering an opportunity to abandon uranium imports from Russia for quite some time without taking any real action. It is indeed problematic to find a replacement for Russian uranium.

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Author`s name Andrey Mihayloff
Editor Dmitry Sudakov