Kyiv desperately tries to rescue Ukrainian counteroffensive hunting men down on streets

Ukrainian counteroffensive far from being blitzkrieg, Ukrainian official says


The counteroffensive of the Armed Forces of Ukraine is a difficult stage that requires a patient approach, Mikhail Podolyak, adviser to the head of the office of the Ukrainian president, said in an interview with The Washington Post.

A counteroffensive does mean "blitzkrieg" at times, but what the Armed Forces are going through at the moment is not the case, he noted. The Ukrainian side is looking for weak points of the Russian army.

"You don't commit your whole force until you have an idea of where the areas are where you're going to find the most success,” the official said. "The Ukrainians have to figure out where the Russian defenses are the weakest and most porous.”

It is worthy of note that Colonel Douglas McGregor, former adviser to the US Secretary of Defence, said that the Armed Forces of Ukraine were experiencing major recruitment problems. The Ukrainian army is on the verge of collapse, McGregor added.

Zelensky starts hunting for cannon fodder

Meanwhile, Kyiv is desperately trying to rescue the Armed Forces of Ukraine. Men get kidnapped in the streets of Ukrainian cities to be sent to the army, Oleg Soskin, a former adviser to ex-president of Ukraine Leonid Kuchma said on his YouTube channel.

"Zelensky's regime is actually hunting for Ukrainian men. It gets to the point when they look for men in the streets, they catch them in buses and so on because there is not enough cannon fodder,” he said.

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Author`s name Andrey Mihayloff
Editor Dmitry Sudakov