Tucker Carlson out of Fox News: American totalitarianism in the making

Tucker Carlson leaves Fox News amid signs of American totalitarianism

Dmitry Puchkov aka Goblin, a Russian blogger and translator, believes that TV presenter Tucker Carlson's dismissal from Fox News channel is a sign of impending totalitarianism in the United States.

Speaking on KP.Ru radio podcast, Puchkov said that he was surprised at how long Carlson had worked at Fox News as the United States was restricting freedom of press. The fact that the presenter left the channel is a sign indicating changes regarding freedom of speech in the United States.

"We can see them moving towards a form of their own totalitarianism. We can already see that all the local media already march in formation, doing what they are being told, saying things that need to be said. It is in these rare glimpses — these are just rare glimpses — this is not systemic — in which one can see that there are different views on things," Puchkov said.

He also noted that Carlson's position that he publicly voiced probably did not coincide with the interests of the American ruling class.

On April 24, it was reported that Tucker Carlson left Fox News channel. The reason for his dismissal was not specified. According to Bloomberg, Tucker Carlson's dismissal cost Fox News as much as $507 million as the company's stock plunged.

Tucker Carlson is known for his criticism of US President Joe Biden. Carlson accused the US authorities of the desire to start a war with Russia. The presenter also assured that Biden was not able to govern the United States as he lacked physical and mental strength for the job.

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Author`s name Marina Lebedeva
Editor Dmitry Sudakov