USA plans to launch 5,000 Tomahawk missiles on Russia to incapacitate decision-making centres

Washington plans to strike Russia with 5,000 Tomahawk missiles

According to publications in US media, Washington intends to strike Russia with thousands of Tomahawk missiles, Tsargrad publication reports.

The New York Times published an article claiming that NATO was developing the concept of an instant strike on the territory of Russia. The United States plans to launch as many as 5,000 Tomahawk missiles on targets inside Russia to overload Russian air defences and make all interceptions fail.

Washington plans to use medium-range cruise missiles such as Tomahawks for the strike. The United States thus intends to decapitate the "enemy state" as the missiles will destroy Russia's decision-making centers.

A number of Russian experts, including Vladimir Kozin, a corresponding member of the Russian Academy of Military Sciences, expressed their doubts about the reliability of such reports.

The goal of such reports is to mislead and intimidate the Russian administration, Kozin said. The US may also be expecting a response from Russia to condemn the Russian leadership yet again. The New York Times often refers to anonymous sources, the expert noted. As long as there are no sources, then one shall consider this as disinformation.

"In response, I would publish something similar in a Russian newspaper so that they scratch their heads overseas," Vladimir Kozin said.

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Author`s name Andrey Mihayloff
Editor Dmitry Sudakov