Russian Ambassador to UN: Russia needs to take military measures against the West

Russian Ambassador to UN calls for military measures against the West

Statements from US officials about a ceasefire in Ukraine are the pinnacle of US hypocrisy, Russia's Ambassador to UN Vasily Nebenzya said, TASS reports.

"Attempts to advertise themselves as champions of peace against the backdrop of incessant arms supplies to the Kyiv regime and statements from Washington and European capitals about the inadmissibility of a ceasefire in Ukraine are a pinnacle of their hypocrisy," he said.

According to him, if Western countries stopped sending weapons to Kyiv, the Ukrainian conflict would have been settled peacefully long ago.

"There would have been peace in Ukraine long ago if the United States and its allies had not been piling arms into Ukraine throwing thousands of new conscripts into the senseless meat grinder,” Nebenzya said.

In addition, Western leaders talk about the need to inflict a strategic defeat on Russia. Moscow will need to take all necessary measures in response, including military ones, the Russian Ambassador to the UN said.

"Against the background of NATO's publicly declared desire to inflict a strategic defeat on Russia, it is obvious that such actions prompt us to take all the necessary reciprocal steps, including in the military sphere,” the ambassador said. Moscow will have to act so in order to ensure the security of the Union State of the Russian Federation and Belarus.

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Author`s name Petr Ermilin
Editor Dmitry Sudakov