Russia to deploy tactical nuclear weapons in Belarus. EU vows to respond

EU vows to respond should Russian tactical nuclear weapons appear in Belarus

Russia will deploy tactical nuclear weapons on the territory of Belarus to protect the two states from NATO's growing threats, MP Dmitry Novikov believes. 

“Russia and Belarus are members of the Union State. During the first steps towards its creation, the parties initially outlined its further cooperation and strengthening. This includes the economic sphere, legislation, education, and, of course, the same applies to the security structure, because the number of challenges and threats to security for our countries has increased during the recent years," Novikov said, reports. 

In particular, the MP pointed to such threats as the ongoing activity of NATO, attempts to carry out a coup in Belarus, sanctions pressure on Russia and other unfriendly actions that can only be countered by joint efforts.

Tactical nuclear weapons do not pose a threat to all NATO countries. They will not affect such countries as France and Germany even in the worst case scenario. However, some other countries of the bloc could certainly be targeted in retaliation, the MP said. 

Russia may use nuclear weapons only as a response to a similar move. The deployment of tactical nuclear weapons in Belarus comes as a measure to prevent war in the first place.

On March 26, Russian President Vladimir Putin announced that Russia and Belarus agreed to place tactical nuclear weapons on the territory of the republic. The construction of a storage facility for such weapons will be completed by June 1, Putin said. Nuclear munitions will be deployed not to violate the Treaty on Measures for the Further Reduction and Limitation of Strategic Offensive Arms (START, START-III).

EU to respond to Russia's nuclear move

The European Union is ready to respond to Russia's deployment of tactical nuclear weapons in Belarus, Josep Borrell, EU's chief diplomat wrote on social media. 

According to him, the deployment of Russian nuclear weapons in Belarus will be an escalation and a threat to European security. Borrell also set out a hope that Belarus would still be able to prevent this fro happening.

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