Americans have no intention to curtail their illegal presence in Syria

US military presence in Syria fraught with unexpected clashes

The Americans are not going to curtail their illegal military presence in Syria, where no one invited them, orientalist, Professor of the Moscow State University Alexander Vavilov said in an interview with Pravda. Ru commenting on a series of US strikes on targets in the province of Hasakah.

The specialist called the US military "uninvited guests" in Syria. The United States continues to fuel opposition formations in the war-torn country, he noted.

"They are the sponsors who tell opposition groups where to go. Therefore, the Iranian presence in Syria is inconvenient for them. Naturally, any military presence is fraught with unexpected clashes. That is why the US has recently struck the targets associated with the Iranian Armed forces," Vavilov said.

At the same time, the current situation in Syria is much better than it used to be before the active participation of the Russian Federation in the fight against terrorism, the professor added. The Russian Armed Forces have been helping the Syrians since 2015. According to him, aggressive actions of the United States cause centres of resistance to remain. Russia and Syria have a lot to work on, the professor concluded.

Earlier, the Pentagon press service said that the United States responded to an Iranian drone attack on a coalition base in Syria. The US military struck the groups associated with Iran's Republican Guard Corps (RGC) in the Province of Hasakah.

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