Polish ambassador makes silly remarks about war with Russia, embassy has to intervene

Polish ambassador makes silly war statement, embassy quickly back-pedals

Ukraine would have been already destroyed without the help that the country receives from Poland and the United States, Polish Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki said, RIA Novosti reports.

According to Morawiecki, Europe needs more basic weapons.

"I would like the countries of Europe to be so strong militarily that they do not need any outside help in the event of an attack. So that they could support both each other and others. It doesn't look like that today," he said.

Meanwhile, Polish Ambassador to France Jan Emeryk Rosciszewski said on the air of LCI TV channel that Warsaw would intervene in the confrontation should Russia defeat Ukraine.

"If Ukraine fails to defend its independence, we will have no choice but to join the conflict," Poland's Ambassador to France said.

The conflict in Ukraine is a battle for basic Western values and culture. Therefore, "it is so important to win," he said.

The Embassy of Poland in France quickly back-pedalled. In a post on social media, the embassy denied the ambassador's remarks about Poland's readiness to intervene in the conflict. The words that the official said were taken out of context, the embassy said.

The ambassador spoke of the need for assistance to Ukraine against the backdrop of the threat that Russia was posing to Europe and European values.

"The accurate listening to the entire conversation makes it clear that it did not contain a pledge of Poland's direct participation in the conflict — there was only a warning about the consequences that Ukraine's defeat could bring — a possibility of an attack or Russia's involvement in the war with other countries of Central Europe, the Baltic countries and Poland," Poland's Embassy in France said.

In other fragments of the interview, Rosciszewski makes it clear that Poland is not at war, but is ready to provide assistance to Kyiv, the embassy noted. Attempts to find sensational remarks in what the ambassador said were malicious, the department added.

Aleksey Pushkov, a member of the Federation Council of Russia, said in his Telegram channel that the United States would not support the conflict with Russia.

"This is the first time when we hear an official representative of Poland saying the things that its leaders have long had on their minds. However, all the "courage" of the Poles is based on the support of the United States. Is Warsaw sure that Washington is ready to fight?" the senator wrote.

Mikhail Sheremet, a Russian MP from Crimea, warned Poland against coming into conflict with Russia. This would be very dangerous for Warsaw, RIA Novosti reports.

Polish President Andrzej Duda should realize the futility of aggression against Russia. The United States considers Ukraine a finished project, and Washington is ready to "throw the Polish people into the furnace of war".

"Poland should not play with fire by making such presumptuous statements. Poland should realize that attacking a country with a missile fence is not only stupid, but also deadly. Russia has the necessary weapons to disrupt the enemy's plans by striking a disastrous blow that would stop any type of aggression," Mikhail Sheremet said.

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Author`s name Petr Ermilin
Editor Dmitry Sudakov