What stops Russian from fighting with full force?

Why can't Russia fight with all her might?

Political scientist Sergei Markov tried to answer the question that many ask themselves today: why isn't Russia fighting with all her might?

It is an open secret that Russia is five times larger than Ukraine, and the Russian army is ten times stronger than the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

"The main mystery of the year of the special military operation, which the whole world is trying to solve, is why Russia is not fighting with all of her might," the political scientist wrote on his social media page.

The political expert believes that the Russian Armed Forces do not strike important targets in Ukraine. The Russian leadership takes no effort to mobilise economy pretending that the special operation is taking place somewhere far away.

Markov noted that the West believes that Russia has shown its weakness and is simply unable to show anything.

Some patriots, according to him, assume that Russia is saving strength for a major attack, whereas other patriots believe that it is traitors that put obstacles on the way.

"Neutral countries and most of humanity simply do not understand this riddle. Russia has not been fighting for real for a year now. Why so?" Markov wrote.

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Author`s name Petr Ermilin
Editor Dmitry Sudakov