US fears Russia's Poseidon drones as weapons of Apocalypse

Newsweek: US should not engage in nuclear standoff with Russia

Western experts say that the United States should not engage in a nuclear standoff with Russia. Russia's nuclear potential may destroy planet Earth several times in a row.

According to Newsweek, even a limited exchange of nuclear strikes will deprive the United States of its striking power in the form of surface warships. Even though Russia's largest nuclear submarine, the Dmitry Donskoy, has been withdrawn from the Navy, Russia's nuclear fleet is still superior to that of the United States.

According to Vladimir Maltsev, the chief of the Russian Fleet Support Movement, the Dmitry Donskoy is officially being decommissioned. This Cold War-era Project 949 Akula class submarine (NATO reporting name Typhoon) is the world's largest submarine in terms of tonnage.

The Belgorod class 949A Antey submarine (Oscar II) which was commissioned in July will take the lead after the Dmitry Donkey sub. The Belgorod submarine is known as a potential carrier of Poseidon underwater nuclear drones.

Submarine expert H. I. Sutton believes that Russia's Poseidon torpedoes will change naval planning in both Russia and the West.

The underwater nuclear drone may have a chance of success not only as a carrier of a nuclear warhead, but also, for example, as a multifunctional reconnaissance or strike platform in conventional battles.

The Belgorod submarine with a length of 184 meters surpasses Ohio-class submarines that reach about 171 meters in length. Russia thus surpasses the United States in terms of strategic weapons, and chances of nuclear standoff with such a nuclear power as Russia are close to zero.

US expert Daniel Davis believes that the Poseidon drone is the first of the most powerful underwater weapons in the world. One Poseidon torpedo is capable of ruining a dozen coastal cities and naval bases at a time.

It is expected that the fully equipped Belgorod submarine will surpass the decommissioned Dmitry Donkey sub in all respects. In mid-January, it was reported that the first batch of Poseidon drones had been sent to their intended destination.

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Author`s name Petr Ermilin