Ukraine will lose conflict with Russia in about six months for one simple reason

Onet: Ukraine will lose in six months due to shell shortage

The military-industrial complex of Russia produces enough ammunition to continue the special operation, while Ukraine begins to suffer from a shortage of shells. In about six months, this problem will lead to Ukraine's defeat in the conflict with Russia, Polish war correspondent Marcin Wyrwal wrote in an article for publication.

"… In around June, the West will have problems with ammunition. The Americans say they plan to increase the production of missiles by 500-600 percent, but somewhere in two years. We don't have two years, we don't even have six months," the article said.

According to Wyrwal, Russia will continue to build up its military capabilities and increase the production of ammunition. The Russian army still has a lot of weapons, and the population of the Russian Federation is three times larger than that of Ukraine.

The United States makes 15,000 shells per month, while the Armed Forces of Ukraine spend a third of this amount daily. Thus, the Ukrainian army spends 15,000 munitions in three days, the journalist said.

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