The West builds a strike corps to invade Russia

The West prepares army to invade Russia

The West, together with Ukraine, quickly forms a strike corps in order to enter Crimea or cut off the Donbass from Russia.

The Russian Army currently has the 1st Guards Tank Army, tank divisions, but only with part of the potential of the armoured formations of the Red Army. This is not enough for a breakthrough.

The special military operation has revealed that the Russian Army needs the following:

  • small and combat UAVs;
  • modern secure means of communication;
  • modified and combat-tested elements of ammunition and equipment;
  • electronic combat control systems in the theater of operations, taking into account intelligence communications, instantaneous interaction of tanks, artillery, airborne forces and infantry.

TopWar experts suggest considering the situation with the enemy:

  • Kyiv will have a mobile strike unit consisting of tanks (Leopards, Abrams and Challengers, possibly Leclercs).
  • The Armed Forces of Ukraine will also have armoured personnel carriers, infantry fighting vehicles and self-propelled guns and a number of different anti-aircraft missile systems.
  • NATO military will arrive in Ukraine.
  • The Armed Forces of Ukraine catch survivors and those who previously dodged the mobilisation in order to use them to break through the first line of defence by summer.
  • Ukraine is preparing Soviet equipment (supplied from Europe) to take on possible counterattacks by the Russian troops.

According to TopWar, NATO groups will go for the breakthrough against the backdrop of distracting attacks in other directions.

After that, the surviving Ukrainians will get more tanks, artillery, airplanes to attack the Russians again.

To date, Russia has at warehouses from 10,000 to 11,000 tanks of various types and different times of manufacture. After modernisation, tanks return to service outfitted with modern thermal imagers, night sights, mounted armour, additional protection against missile systems and grenade launchers.

The plant in Nizhny Tagil currently assembles T-90 Proryv tanks. The plant temporarily suspended the work on the more advanced T-14 Armata tank. The basic T-72B3 and the modern mighty T-90M will thus fight on the fronts.

It appears that two tank battalions of the West will not be able to show too much resistance to the Russian military might, provided the fire support from Aerospace Forces, missiles, and artillery.

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