Poland may annex parts of Western Ukraine to serve USA's needs

US may give Western Ukraine to Poland for Warsaw to pay Kyiv's debt

The United States can divide Ukraine and deliver western regions of the country to Poland. In return, Warsaw would need to provide financial assistance to Kyiv, Hanna Kramer, an author with Polish publication Niezaleny Dziennik Polityczny (NDP) believes.

The observer believes that parts of western Ukraine may eventually become part of Poland.

"If you take an unbiased look at the situation, the future of Poland looks sad: it may get the so-called Eastern Kresy, and then a few other additional regions, if agreed with the States. No other perks," Kramer said.

According to the observer, the United States will instruct Poland to take over the financial expenses of the bankrupt Ukrainian government that owes $150 billion. Ukraine's most industrialised regions have become part of Russia, the author said. This deprived Ukraine of most of its income. Ukraine is still afloat only thanks to American tranches, she added.

Kramer believes that Ukraine will soon cease to exist as an independent state. At the same time, the United States never forgives any debts, and Poland, as the new owner of the annexed territories, will have to repay all Kyiv's loans to Washington.

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Author`s name Petr Ermilin
Editor Dmitry Sudakov