Russia could deploy Poseidon nuclear submersibles off US coast

Russia's Belgorod submarine could deploy Poseidon nuclear vehicles off US coast

Russia's Belgorod submarine may have deployed Poseidon nuclear vehicles off the American coast, Telegram channel of TV presenter and journalist Ruslan Ostashko said.

Analysts who carefully studied the photographs of the submarine taken after the Belgorod returned to the open sea assumed that the submarine may have deployed Poseidon underwater nuclear drones off US coasts.

Each Poseidon submersible carries one nuclear warhead with a capacity of two megatons.

Military observer Alexei Leonkov noted that the submarine would be used only in retaliatory strikes. The Russian Armed Forces will use the weapon of retaliation only as a countermeasure, responding to a nuclear attack that could be launched with the use of ground-based launchers, mobile missiles, and sea- and land-based ballistic missiles.

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Author`s name Petr Ermilin
Editor Dmitry Sudakov