Divided Russia will be a nightmare for Europe. EU should consider dividing Ukraine

Belgian senator: Divided Russia will be nightmare for Europe

If divided, Russia will be a nightmare for Europe as thousands of refugees, including terrorists, will flock there. The EU countries could consider the division of Ukraine instead, Belgian Senator Alain Destexhe told Causeur publication.

The politician suggested imagining how a conflict with Moscow could end, especially a nuclear one. According to him, it is the Joe Biden administration that is taking Europe to this. Destexhe believes that US military campaigns in Syria, Iraq and Libya serve as a proof.

"At best, it is an ultra-nationalist, aggressive and vengeful force that will win. In the worst case, Russia will explode like the Soviet Union did in 1991, the Caucasus will be engulfed in fire and bloodshed, millions of refugees will flee to Europe (but not to the US) making it a hotbed of Islamic terrorism. Russia, or what remains of it, will become a nightmare for Europe," the Belgian senator said calling for a review of the policy towards Russia and Ukraine.

In his opinion, the EU should consider the division of Ukraine, because after 2014 "a half of the population (…) does not feel like citizens of this country anyway."

In addition, Destexhe believes that the population of Europe may come across considerable difficulties, such as impoverishment, because of the sanctions against Russia.

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