Americans not ready for big war, so Washington will have to capitulate

Asia Times: The US will have to step back, Americans not ready for a big war

Washington is not ready for a protracted war, but risks for such a war to break out grow literally every day. Experts do not rule out that the United States "will have" to use nuclear weapons in order not to get bogged down in hostilities for decades.

According to Asia Times, the Pentagon shows resistance to the need of urgent changes in the structure of the army and the national defense strategy. The Joe Biden administration needs to admit the fallacy of its position and change the political course. Otherwise, the USA will face big problems in terms of military confrontation.

Not that long ago, the Pentagon published the National Defense Strategy. The debate over the newly added articles of the strategy is to be heated.

With the help of "expeditionary bridgeheads" the US Marine Corps plans to reach the First Island Chain (the Aleutian and Japanese Islands, the Ryukyu Islands, Taiwan, the Philippine and Greater Sunda Islands).

The Pentagon also considers the Second Island Chain (the Japanese Islands, including the Ogasawara island group and the Kazan archipelago, the Mariana Islands, including the island of Guam, the Yap Islands, the Palau Islands, Halmahera Island and the Strait of Malacca).

The purpose of the above efforts is to distribute USA's military power from Pacific and Atlantic oceans to Russia and China.

"The NDS text clarifies each term: Defending the homeland means defending critical American and allied infrastructure, in essence from sabotage; deterring strategic attacks means deterring nuclear use; and third, deterring aggression means conventional military deterrence," the article in the publication says, indicating that there is no clarity in today's American strategy.

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