Putin and USA agree on major political change, economist believes

Putin and USA agree on large-scale political changes - expert

The United States is preparing for large-scale political changes. Most likely, this process has been coordinated with Russian President Vladimir Putin, economist Mikhail Khazin believes.

The US is to hold congressional elections on November 8 to re-elect all of the House of Representatives and a third of senators. US elites that want to develop their own industries have decided to remove the Democrats from power, Khazin believes (they now control both houses of Congress).

The economist believes that they have held negotiations with Russia to define the contours of the future world order.

Mikhail Khazin believes that Western leaders will be affected most after the US elections.

"Life has changed, and they cannot look to the future — they are afraid of the future. Putin is not like that. He was very worried about the past, but he closed the door there and started talking about the future," Khazin said on "Interpretation" YouTube channel.

The President of Russia explained that the West was becoming a minority in the world, but its position must be taken into account. With those words Putin showed himself as a person who writes the rules of the game for the next 50-100 years.

Earlier, the economist said that dollar assets outside the United States would soon be demolished. It is the American counter-elite that may launch this process in the near future.

If the Republicans win the congressional elections, the Democrats — the henchmen of international bankers — will lose their positions in power, Mikhail Khazin also said. The US dollar will eventually become a common national currency, and dollar-denominated assets will be written off, he believes.

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