No chance: the United States catches Europe hopeless in gas trap

USA makes EU attached and addicted to expensive American gas

The European Union believed in the promises of the United States to fully compensate for the supply of Russian gas.

As it turned out, it was very naive. "Molecules of freedom" are coming to Europe uninterruptedly. However, one has to pay for them a price that is several times higher than that for the Russian gas.

European leaders express their dissatisfaction with this fact, while some directly condemn the US ally claiming that Washington takes advantage of the fact that Europe has no alternative gas suppliers, Al Ain publication (UAE) noted.

French President Emmanuel Macron has recently said that American companies supply natural gas to European consumers at a price that was four times the price for US industrial enterprises.

Germany and many other countries of the European Union are not happy with such a state of affairs. At the same time, what stops the Americans from supplying expensive gas to Europe as long as Europe is willing to buy it even for such high prices?

Does the European Union have a chance to escape from USA's gas trap?

The article in the above-mentioned publication from the United Arab Emirates said that there were not so many options for Europe to find a way out. To be more precise, there are two. The first one of them is not a good option: it assumes that the Europeans will come to terms with Washington's conditions.

The second option is also very difficult — to look for alternative suppliers. As for Asian gas transportation routes, one has to build pipelines through the territory of Russia for the purpose. It is also difficult to find a reliable gas supplier in Asia too. Turkmenistan, for example, exports most of its gas to China.

There is also Africa. However, European influence in Africa has been declining lately. The European Union will have to make great efforts and invest a lot of money in order to ensure stable and significant gas supplies from African countries. This will also take a lot of time.

There is also another option. The EU may try to improve relations with Russia. Some European states, such as Hungary, for example, do not mind it at all.

Such countries are in the minority, of course. Most EU states say that now is not the time for contacts with Moscow, including with regard to energy supplies.

Much will depend on how the winter season goes. There will be problems, obviously. Many experts say that it is the next, but not this winter that is going to be the toughest. Russia did not cut gas supplies to Europe this year, after all.

What is going to happen next year? Will Europe be willing and able to pay extra for the American gas? US officials always say that they do not interfere in the activities of commercial companies.

It just so happens that it will be extremely difficult, for the European Union to find a way out of the US gas trap. If at all possible.

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Editor Dmitry Sudakov