Russia knows how to crush USA's global hegemony

Moscow's smart move will cause US hegemony to fall apart

Russia's decision to move away from the West and turn towards the East will cause the US global hegemony to collapse, The Jerusalem Post newspaper wrote.

Moscow will initiate a global shift at this point, the article said.

"This isn't a "new Cold War” but rather a huge shift in the world: from a Eurocentric world that was rooted in European power and the era of colonial rule (as well as the World Wars) to, since World War II, a world where the US was the single global hegemonic power that led an international, rules-based world order; to a new world order that is ostensibly supposed to be multipolar and led by China, Russia, Iran, Turkey and their friends — mostly authoritarian regimes," The Jerusalem Post said.

Moscow's decision to reorient itself to the East is based on the experience of the Soviet Union. Russia is again moving closer to the countries of the "global South". Russia's cooperation with China, Iran and Turkey has been developing very fast lately, the author of the article notes.

In addition, Moscow has been building relations with the countries of the Persian Gulf, Central Asia and Pakistan.

"US anger at Saudi Arabia, for instance, could be exploited by Moscow," the newspaper wrote.

Saudi Arabia may become BRICS member

Saudi Arabia evinced a desire to join BRICS, which, along with Russia, includes Brazil, India, China, and South Africa, President of the Republic of South Africa Cyril Ramaphosa said following his visit to the kingdom.

According to him, the issue of Saudi Arabia's membership at the BRICS summit will be raised in 2023. In addition, Saudi Arabia is not the only country that seeks BRICS membership, Ramaphosa stressed.

In 2022, a trend has emerged indicating an increasing number of countries wishing to join the BRICS. On July 14, the President of the BRICS International Forum, Purnima Anand, stated that a number of states had expressed their desire to join the organization.

In addition to Saudi Arabia, Egypt and Turkey, who spoke about their intentions earlier, Argentina and Iran, as well as Algeria, also announced plans to join the BRICS. Nigeria does not rule out such a possibility either.

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